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Our fully-serviced solution allows any small business to create its own mobile app and website in less than 72h. Starting $1,120.41.

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You are a merchant passionate about your job. You dedicate most of your time to the success of your business. You know by heart the subtleties of your activity.

You know that digital tools are constantly revolutionizing the behavior of your customers. They buy online, are impatient, want to receive promotions and be notified in real time.

But selecting the right tools and interlocutors is a headache? You feel that you are at risk of dropping out, but you do not have the time, the technical skills or the financial means.

The Discodery solution is for you!

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For restaurants, cafés, bars, bakeries, etc.

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For hairdressers, nails salons, barbershops, makeup artists, stylists, etc.

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For spas, independent masseurs and masseuses, therapists, fitness coaches, etc.

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For any kind of shop or small business, etc.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Discodery solution?

Small businesses are often left with two choices when it comes to digital:

  • spend tens of thousands with a web agency;
  • spend tens of hours trying to build their own website and/or app with a drag & drop service, not always with good results.

We believe that there could be a third alternative: a fully-serviced, high-quality and affordable solution that would take care of everything for you, from design to development, publication, maintenance and security.

That's Discodery solution.

What's included in Discodery solution?

When purchasing the Discodery solution solution, you get 3 distinct products:

  • Your own mobile app, available on both iOS (iPhone) and Android (Samung, Sony, HTC, …);
  • Your own website, fully responsive and mobile-ready;
  • A complete management software, called the Gravity Board, including over 70 features to manage every aspect of your digital identity.

Overall, your business will be available to your customers on any device and platform, 24/7.

How much will I pay exactly? Are there any additional costs?

We insist on having a pricing plan as clear and transparent as possible. With Discodery solution, there are no hidden fees, upsells, commissions, renewal invoices and so on… You pay exactly what you expect, that is to say:

  • The one-time development cost of your app and/or website ($1,120.41 to $1,990.00);
  • The monthly hosting, maintenance, security and access to the Gravity Board fee ($19.90).

Let's say you purchase an app and website and you run it with us for 3 years: that will cost you a grand total of $1,990.00 + 36 * $19.90 = $2,706.40.

Nothing else.

Do I need any coding/computer skills to create my app and website with Discodery solution?

When we set out the Discodery solution adventure, our mission was to create a solution that would allow any small business to benefit from the same digital tools as larger structures.

That implied two things:

  • Offering this solution at a fair value;
  • Making it accessible to everyone, no matter his or her level of computer skills.

That is why we have invested a lot of time in the design, user interface and user experience of Discodery solution, and more specifically its tower control, the Gravity Board.

You will be completely autonomous in no time!

What do I need to create my app and website with Discodery solution?

With Discodery solution, creating your app and website has never been that easy.

All you need is:

  • An Internet access;
  • A few basic info about your business (name, address, opening hours, …).

These are the only mandatory elements to get started.

However, we also recommend that you have a few things ready to make your Discodery solution experience smooth as silk:

  • A few pictures of your business, products, team, … (ideally in high quality);
  • A logo if you have one;
  • A short description of your business, its history, concept, …;
  • Your products.

In case you don't have pictures or logos available right now, it's totally okay!

How much time does it take to create my app and website with Discodery solution?

With Discodery solution, creating your app and website will require no longer than a couple of hours of your time.

We insist that Discodery solution is a fully-serviced solution, meaning that once you have provided us with all the info and content (pictures, logos, basic texts, …) of your business, we take care of everything!

We will create your app and website, make sure that everything looks good and publish them for you.

Once we have all your content, your website will be up and running in less than 24h.

Mobile apps, on their part, are subject to a validation process by Apple App Store and/or Google Play that usually takes between 48h and 72h on average.

I already own a domain name, is it possible to keep it?

Of course, if you already own a domain name we will connect your new website to it so you don't have to change a single thing!

If you don't own a domain yet, we will gladly help you pick one out with our partner Amazon Web Services and connect your website to it.

Is there a customer support?

We still are a small company so we unfortunately cannot offer you a 24/7 worldwide phone support yet (but hoping it will come soon).

However, we are always available by e-mail or live chat through your Gravity Board should you have any question.

You will also find a complete help center, with an extensive FAQ, tutorials, tips & tricks, best practices and other guides.

Frequently asked questions

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