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Club Banana Café

Display cocktails

Table booking

Waiters' schedule

Loyalty card

Happy hour notifications

Events announcement

The Club Banana Café is a Parisian bar/club that regularly offers Happy Hours and evenings with unique themes. In order to improve their online visibility, they decided to implement a complete digital strategy.

They chose to trust us and create in a few clicks their own showcase site and a personalized mobile application for their customers. Within a few months, they managed to improve their performance in three areas: getting customers to come back, establishing a privileged relationship with customers and getting reservations during usually off-peak hours.

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Boulangerie Calou

Some time ago, "La Boulangerie Calou" changed owners, name and brand image. At the same time, the new owners wanted to modernize their bakery and facilitate communication with new and existing customers.

Thanks to a fixed price per month, Calou Bakery decided to create an online product catalogue to increase visibility and attract new customers. To facilitate its communication, it now uses push notifications to notify its customers of instant promotions for unsold items. It also uses the integrated chat to respond to customer requests instantly. Finally, it publishes blog articles to convey the company''s values to its customers while keeping them informed of the latest news about the bakery.

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Displays its products


Employees' schedule

Loyalty card

Push notifications promo

Bakery news posts

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Feel Maille

Displays its fabrics

Online sales

Inventory management

Loyalty card

Push notifications

News posts

Feel Maille is a Parisian shop of quality fabrics, wishing to stand out from its competitors and detach itself from this somewhat old-fashioned image that can quickly be attributed to fabric stores. They decided to modernize the business by establishing themselves on the digital plan. It is in this perspective of digital revolution that Feel Maille turned to Discodery to create its e-commerce and benefit from a qualitative presence online.

Thanks to a fixed price per month, Feel Maille has unlimited visibility through an online catalog that can be consulted at any time for new and existing clients. To ease the consultation of its products, the store organized its offer according to several categories: materials, colors and prices. This classification allows its customers to facilitate their search, which is not always the case in stores. Indeed, visibility of the products on the spot is often difficult. Finally, the Discodery solution enabled Feel Maille to set up a reliable loyalty system thanks to a digital point card popular among its customers.

Would you like to know more about how Discodery enabled Feel Maille to increase its turnover?

Digital Identity

Digital Communication

Online Sales

Online Bookings

Customer Management

Team Management

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Displays its games

Online bookings

Players customer file

Loyalty card

Push notifications

Games news

Skryptic is a place for modern entertainment just like you like it: an Escape Game where players try to escape a place by decoding clues. It is a growing entertainment sector and to face an ungoing increase in demands, Skryptic decided to further improve their digital presence with Discodery.

With our solution at a fixed price, Skryptic got itself a limitless online visibility leading to a high targetting of customers looking for escape games nearby. To facilitate its online bookings, Skryptic provided their customers with an online online bookings and a calendar in real time. For its most passionate customers, Skryptic also implemented one year online gift cards. Finally, Discodery allowed this business to build strong relations with its customers by sharing news letters and blog posts within their personalized website and mobile app.

Would you like to know more about how Discodery enabled Skryptic to increase its turnover?

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Fit Healthy

Behind Fit Healthy is Alessio Capozza: sports coach and wellness advisor who supports their clients throughout their physical transformation with adapted training. Recently, Alessio Capozza opted for a complete digital strategy with Discodery to gain more visibility with a personalized website but also to facilitate customers and prospects'' relationships management.

Thanks to a fixed price per month, Fit Healthy has offered itself unlimited availability on the Internet in order to increase its visibility among customers and prospects. To facilitate customer relations, the company makes its catalogue of offers available online whereby it is possible to book directly. The integrated client software records the history of all your customers'' requests, questions and all appointments. Alessio uses push notifications and automatic emails to send as a reminder for his customers (date, time and place of appointment) as well as a summary of the scheduled sports or wellness sessions.

Would you like to know more about how Discodery enabled Fit Healthy to increase its turnover?

Displays its sessions

Slot booking

Sports customer files

Loyalty card

Push exercise notifications

Training news

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Le Montaigne

Display menu

Online bookings

Team schedule

Loyalty card

Push notifications

Restaurant news

The Montaigne is a restaurant in Paris that combines an old-fashioned atmosphere with a touch of modern and traditional cuisine. The team at Montaigne restaurant chose to bring a touch of modernity to this unique concept with a digital transition helped by the Discodery solution.

The Montaigne restaurant set itself 3 objectives: to gain visibility, optimize its team management and obtain online reservations.

To increase its visibility, Le Montaigne developed a website and a mobile application presenting the Auvergne coffee offer. To facilitate the work planning of each employee, Montaigne restaurant uses the Kokopilot Board management software: tasks for each employee are created and each team member has an online schedule. Finally, Montaigne restaurant integrated a reservation system on its website in order to centralize their customers and employees'' data in one place!

Would you like to know more about how Discodery enabled the Montaigne restaurant to increase its turnover?

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