Key features


What you get.

Your own mobile app

Get your own native mobile app, very easily and rapidly. Your business will be available 24/7 directly on your customers phones on both iOS (iPhone) and Android (Samsung, HTC, Nexus, …).

Your own website

Get your very own website for your business. All our websites are entirely responsive, meaning that they are available on all devices (phones, tablets, computers) and technically optimized for a better search engine presence.

Your own management software

To manage your app and website, we provide you with a clean and intuitive platform: the Gravity Board. From there, you will be able to manage all contents, features, bookings, sales and much more.

Brand & customize as you want

Your Discodery solution is entirely customizable, from A to Z! Connect your own domain name, upload your own logo(s), images and texts and manage your entire branding (colors, fonts, …).

Online sales

Grow your revenues.

Order fulfillment

Fulfill one or multiple orders with just one click, making your daily order management a breeze.

Unlimited products

There's no limit to the number or type of products you can sell in your online store.

Accept online payments

Our partner Stripe allows you to accept online and secured payments the minute you launch your shop.

Inventory management

Never miss a sale again! Your inventory is synchronized in real time.

Product classification

Organize your products by categories, collections and allow your customers to find them through a search bar for an easy navigation.

Import and export


Import or export your products using CSV files, in just a single click.


Accept online bookings instantly.

Accept online bookings

Allow your customers to make bookings in 3 clicks and 24/7 with a simple and performant tool.

Faster than pen & paper

Your new booking system is more powerful, efficient and faster than the old traditional notebook.

No fees or commissions

It's your own booking system, which means we don't take any kind of fees, commissions or percentage whatsoever. And forever!

Eliminate no-shows

Eliminate no-shows by enabling pre-payments and by keeping a constant touch with your customer.

Accessible from everywhere

No matter where you are, be notified and manage your bookings directly through your Gravity Board, on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. So you can relax and make sure you never miss a booking again!

Centralize all of your bookings

Centralize all of your bookings in a single place, whether they were made online, by phone or in person and automatically create a visual booking schedule.


Unsold products? Never again!

Regular promotions


Regular promotions allow you to automatically schedule promotions on a weekly or monthly basis, to fill in your business on off-days.

Occasional promotions

Occasional promotions allow you to create exclusive promotions on a day-to-day basis according to your needs.

Instant promotions

Instant promotions allow you to create "flash" promotions, on a very short time scale, and communicate them instantly through push notifications.


Attract new customers online and offline.

Technical search engine optimization

All of our websites are totally optimized for better readability and visibility by the main search engines (Google, Bing, …).

Control of your digital identity

Make sure your business informations are available and up to date everywhere it matters on the web.


Attract tourists and new customers from all around the world by making your business available in multiple languages.

Order your prints


Order all of your prints, business cards, menus, etc. in just a single click and just wait for them to arrive in your mailbox.

Open Street Maps integration

Locate your business on a map and allow your clients to create itineraries towards it.


Make sure they come back.

Loyalty programs

Create and manage your own loyalty programs, set up the rewards and conditions and follow up on your most loyal customers.

Membership cards

Grant privileges to your most loyal customers and give them access to exclusive content through membership programs.

Client feedback & suggestion box


Give your customers a voice by allowing them to send you their feedback about your product or service, business location, … All the feedback you receive is private unless you decide to share it publicly.


Exchange directly with your customers.

Push notifications

Send push notifications to your customers.

Blog & articles

Write articles and publish your information.

Mailing automation

Our technology allows you to create, organize and distribute your content to your audience: images, logo, videos, audio files, texts, and other content. You are the sole owner.

Copyright-free stock photos


Enjoy a royalty free image bank to accompany all your posts.

Social posts

Share one post on different social networks at the same time.

Instant messaging

Discuss in real time with your customers.

Team & work processes

Optimize your work processes and get things done quicker.

Simplified update of your online inventory

Take advantage of our quick and easy inventory update system.

Individual to-do lists

Assign individual tasks and deadlines to your team and get notified once those tasks are done.

News from your industry


Get news of most of your sector of activity.

Full history & logs


Access the history of your orders and reservations & your employees' logs.

Team planning and personnel management

Manage your schedule, work shifts and weekly plannings for the whole team and make sure everyone receives it directly on their mobile phones.

Unlimited users

You can add as many co-workers, employees or partners as you want in your Gravity Board so you can all stay on the same page.

User roles & permissions

Grant different levels of access and permissions to your co-workers depending on their position in the company.

Data & analytics

Understand precisely who are your customers and how they interact with your business.

Automated data collection from clients

Learn to know better who are your customers and how they interact with your business.

Statistic analysis & reporting


Get detailed statistics and analytics about your users in a glance.



Get specific management recommendations specifically tailored for your business.


Your data is 100% safe and totally confidential. It's your data!

Data recovery

All the content you produce or import on your Discodery platforms are yours. If you wish to continue your project elsewhere, an export file of all your data can be given to you.

Triple backup of your data

All your data is saved on a daily basis in 3 distinct geographical points, in order to guarantee you a maximum durability.

Intellectual property

Our technology allows you to create, organize and distribute your content to your audience: images, logo, videos, audio files, texts, and other content. You are the sole owner.

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